Your practical support for refugees and the displaced

Written by ELBA CEO, Ian Parkes

We have all heard in the last few months about the plight of refugees being forced from their homes and fleeing danger and adversity. Many of our partners have asked what practical help they can give.

ELBA and our partners have been supporting refugees and displaced people for many years via our community partners, but from 11 July we are launching our special Displaced People and Refugee Appeal with our business supporters. We are seeking the specific items that our community partners – who are closet to the displaced people – tell us are most needed.

The displaced people and refugees for who we are seeking help have come from all parts of the world – including, but not exclusively, Afghanistan and Ukraine. All are housed in temporary accommodation while their status is being determined. That can take up to two years. They arrived with very little, if anything, and they have very little to sustain them while they are waiting. Our community partners, who are supporting them, tell us they need shoes, toiletries, holdalls (they are moved quite often), food vouchers and children’s basic clothing. We are seeking the support of our business partners and their employees to buy these items from our Amazon list , or to donate via our JustGiving page. Every donation will go straight to the people in need – there is no admin or other costs to be paid.

If your firm would like to get involved, please email and we can let you have all the details of how to participate.

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