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LBA’s mission is anchored in improving social mobility. We do this by improving access to ‘elite’ professions, particularly in accountancy, law and finance.

As stakeholders, our ability to deliver on the promise of aspiration, by increasing access to skilled careers, is our region’s biggest challenge and opportunity. There is a wealth of young talent in London. But as we know, all too often, the potential of those from lower income families goes to waste.

In 2013, we opened our own recruitment agency, as a trading arm of ELBA. London Works now specialises in helping forward thinking employers achieve their diversity and inclusion goals by connecting them with pools of talent from non-traditional backgrounds. The model has proven to be successful, with over 500 candidates placed.

Place London Works in your recruitment supply chain today– you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

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  • I decided an apprenticeship was what my heart was set on because not only would I be putting into practice my skills, I’d earn a wage and continue to develop skills that would help me progress in my professional career. I was put into contact with London Works which became to be an exciting turning point for me. They recommended an intriguing and career-changing position at a law firm in London, which, without a doubt, fit my requirements in my search for an apprenticeship. London Works have supported me throughout this process and I am pleased to say that I have secured a place at a law firm.

    London Works Employment Candidate - apprenticeships
  • I have worked with ELBA and London Works for five years at WorkPath Employment and Skills Centre. They attend the Employment Service’s monthly Employability Forum Group meetings, share best practices and make contributions to the meetings. They are very engaging, promoting and sharing opportunities for our local residents. I would have no hesitation in recommending London Works to any local employer.

    Lisa Watts WorkPath Lead Training Commissioner
  • Through working with London Works, I learnt what is needed to be successful in job applications. The most beneficial part was the mock interviews which I believe gave me the edge over the other candidates, giving me what was missing from my previous applications. They allowed me to make mistakes and improve my answers for competency-based questions, and the HSBC volunteers had the insider knowledge of industry-specific questions and how to approach them. Thankfully I was successful in my application, and I am due to start work soon. The hardest job for graduates to secure is the first, and I am over the moon to finally get my career off the ground. All the help from Callum, Ian and the HSBC volunteers was invaluable and the support from London Works will continue after my employment, which is reassuring.

    London Works Employment Candidate
  • Through my studies at University of Sunderland London, I was introduced to London Works. I had an initial consultation with Callum Bunyan, who has supported and encouraged me throughout my career journey thus far and was given the opportunity to access the EDII Digital Minds program. I was one of three who was successful in the application. I was very excited, happy, and eager to succeed. I am grateful for the opportunities given to the Black Ethnic Minority group by London Works and hope that this program will be successful so that others like me will be given this opportunity.

    London Works Employment Candidate - EDII Digital Minds
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