Leaders in Partnership programme and impact report launches

Leaders in Partnership 2024

Written by Ruth Hislop-Gill, Senior Project Manager – Evolve

March saw the launch of two cohorts of Leaders in Partnership (LiP) in the Connect Team at ELBA. LiP is a long-standing ELBA programme and is designed to strengthen the leadership of the third sector across East London. Corporate volunteers from across ELBA’s partners are matched with leaders from third sector organisations for 10 months of 1-2-1 style peer coaching. The programme is designed to give charity leaders the space and time to reflect on their roles and to establish strong frameworks for support and leadership development. 

Community partner Isabel, who took part in LiP last year described her experience: 

My coach helped me a lot to feel more confident in my role, to recognise what I was already doing and to remember ‘you are good at this’. Even preparing for our meetings was really helpful, as it made me reflect on my priorities, and take the time to think about my role, rather than blindly rushing from one task to another.

For a deeper look at the impact of this programme please see the Leaders in Partnership Evolve Programme Report 2023

As the 16 partnerships in the 2024 cohorts get started we want to wish them all the best over the next ten months. We are excited to see the partnerships progress, and look forward to bringing the cohorts together in five months time to reflect on the successes and challenges at the midpoint of the programme.

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