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East London Business Alliance builds the connection between businesses and local communities, bringing the time, skills and resources of the private sector, to help build the capacity of local organisations, support young people in education and place people into employment in London. ELBA makes community investment easier, more effective and more rewarding, whether through face-to-face activity or online.

ELBA finds creative, ingenious and impactful ways to support local communities. Each year over 12,000 people from business give back to local communities through ELBA, using their skills, time, ideas and commitment to help in a very wide range of activities. Everything they do is needed in the local community and will have an impact.

Each year, ELBA places hundreds of people into work in London through our award-winning employment programme, delivers over 12,000 business volunteers into the community, and works with over 200 local organisations in east London and beyond.

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Introducing our second Annual Impact Digest 2022-2023, showcasing key achievements, evaluation methods, and in-depth impact analysis in east London and Islington, including our refined Theory of Change for continued community development and resilience:
This Disability History Month, we're spotlighting @HeadwayEastLondon, a local charity championing Advancing Access and Equity. 🧠💙 Supporting survivors of brain injury and their families with specialised services.

Head here to read their profile -

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Our partnership with @OurELBA means we support local East Londoners actively seeking employment, from a range of age groups and backgrounds.

Recently, the participants celebrated their graduation from the course, where they developed their social confidence and professional…

As a part of our way to give back to our local community this season, we’re supporting the @OurELBA Toy Appeal, Wrap Up London and @redbridgefb 🎁

Check out the app for more information on how to donate and which items are needed.

Introducing our second Annual Impact Digest 2022-2023, showcasing key achievements, evaluation methods, and in-depth impact analysis in east London and Islington, including our refined Theory of Change for continued community development and resilience:

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ELBA’S Annual Impact Digest 2023 | ELBA

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Corporate Testimonials

  • “The BIG Alliance employment team has played an integral role in Macquarie’s successful support of the London Borough of Islington. Working across our business, the employment team have identified areas where Macquarie and its suppliers can offer employment and employability opportunities to local groups and individuals, connecting with the Islington community in a simple and effective way.”

    Chris Pearce
    Chris Pearce Head of Business Services EMEA, Macquarie Group
  • “ELBA has enabled us to connect in a more sustainable way to the local community in Tower Hamlets and their support has enabled us to really have a lasting effect on the community there.”

    Vanya Howard
    Vanya Howard Corporate Responsibility Manager, Catlin
  • “Through ELBA, we recently invited a client to join us on a volunteering activity, to great effect. Not only did we all emerge feeling rewarded having used our skills and experience to help develop others, but working together in such a different environment also improved our understanding of each other and strengthened our relationship.”

    Aled Davies
    Aled Davies Senior Manager at KPMG
  • “Thank you for a very enjoyable day spent with volunteers, ELBA team, and the staff and students at Rokeby School. I thought the content of the day and my fellow presenter was excellent. ELBA's contribution to each session was also excellent and underlined key attributes and competencies that we, as employers, would be seeking from the students and to which we referred in our own presentations. I'd like to say a huge thanks to the school for the hospitality they provided. I was delighted to find three students keen to stay on after school hours to listen to a re-run of my presentation, which their schedule had not otherwise enabled them to attend.   They asked some very good questions and added greatly to my enjoyment of the whole day.”

    Jonathan Gammon
    Jonathan Gammon Technical Director, Tunnelling and Earth Engineering, CH2M
  • “We look for individuals that are passionate about customer service and can demonstrate and understand our values. In addition, a proven background and excellent personal presentation for client facing roles is essential. If candidates can show that they really have researched and want to work for our organisation there is a fantastic career path waiting for them.”

    Vicki Moore
    Vicki Moore ISS, Recruitment Manager

Community Testimonials

  • “The contact with my mentor has been great in that it is personalised and very high level. I trust that he understands the issues I am talking about and their importance, in the context of our wider organisational priorities. This is hard to replicate with training courses or group activities, because it has been so well targeted to our needs at a particular point.”

    Catriona Maclay
    Catriona Maclay Director, Hackney Pirates
  • “The Career Capital Business Club run by ELBA is fantastic, particularly if you’re interested in a career in Investment Banking. I am currently working in the City as an Investment Banking intern, which would not have been possible if I had not taken the time to apply for the business club scheme and made a point of networking with professionals in a variety of areas within an Investment Bank. I would strongly recommend the programme to undergraduates irrespective of whether or not you know what career path you are looking to pursue.”

    Julian Bhatia
    Julian Bhatia Career Capital Business Club participant
  • “This was an inspiring workshop that I am sure will have positive impacts on our Culture and Diversity & Inclusion initiatives.”

    Consultancy Workshop participant
  • We held the joint Hope Family Centre & Barking Foodbank Christmas party on 22nd December and more than 250 people, including our clients, their children, their families and friends attended. It was hugely successful. It would have be impossible to put a smile on so many faces without ELBA’s support. The work you do linking corporates with small charities who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity is just phenomenal!

    Funmi Ikele Barking Foodbank
  • I loved the open dialogue and learning about such an interesting charity, and discussing with such passionate people.”

    Consultancy Workshop participant
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