For What It’s Earth…

June is always a busy time for the Challenge team and this year is no exception. After two years with very few in-person events, it’s great to see so many teams volunteering to support the local community. The month is always kicked off with lots of activity around World Environment Day and this year’s theme was Only One Earth. Our planet is facing multiple environmental emergencies including climate change and plastic pollution. At ELBA, we believe that Every Action Counts when tackling these issues.

Volunteers from Citi have been out in force as part of their Global Community Day campaign, getting involved in various volunteering activities from making Ecobricks to helping out in outdoor spaces. We had a team volunteer at Leyton Jubilee Park working to remove unwanted vegetation around the trees to improve their chances of survival; a necessity when it comes to the very air we breathe as well as creating habitats for local species amongst other things.

Moody’s volunteers have also been supporting environmental causes as part of their Team Up season. They began the month with a team volunteering at Mile End Park. This green space is an important resource for local residents, many of whom do not have access to a garden. The Moody’s volunteers were planting vegetables in the growing areas where children will learn about where their food comes from. This is important to give them a better understanding of nature and the natural world.

Volunteers from Man Group celebrated World Environment Day in fashion by cruising the east London Waterways in Hubbub’s Poly-Mer and Vitamin Sea, which are part of the world’s first fleet of electrical boats made from 99% recycled plastic. Volunteers competed to fish for the most (and most interesting) litter before taking part in a session where the wonderful staff at Hubbub educated the volunteer group on marine litter, plastics, the circular economy and much more! Plastic fishing reduces the amount of litter in London’s waterways, making it a greener space for London’s wildlife. Any recyclable plastic collected will be recycled and plastic bottles will be used to produce more boats.

The week following World Environment Day, 20 teams volunteered to support environmental causes. Cassie Liversidge from Grow Your Own Playground commented on one team’s “enthusiasm, determination and sheer hard work” and this same enthusiasm has been displayed across the board. You can find out more about ELBA’s work to tackle the climate crisis here.

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