Taking the learning forward

Written by Andrea Rannard-Lambert, Director of Account Management and Communication 

ELBA recently had an away day. A chance to celebrate together what we have achieved over the last 33 years and, looking forward, clarify why we need to work so hard to continue the fight against poverty, inequality and drive forward social mobility.

ELBA is here to take on these challenges and we know you are too – and we do so in partnership.

But, it is the reflection on what we have learned, especially over the last two years, and how we apply this learning to the future that is so salient. As we look forward, we know we have some tough challenges ahead – cost of living crisis, Covid recovery, climate change, humanitarian crises and conflict – and surely what we have learned over the last few years can improve our response.

So what did we learn about ourselves over the last few years?

Adaptability: We all had to change and do immediately. For ELBA, we listened to the needs of our community and education partners, who – like us all – were just trying to process what was happening and provide provision for students and service users. We worked with them to adapt our programme to a virtual offer – the Education team turned this around within days to ensure we supported children and young people, for example. ELBA wants to ensure we remain agile as we look to new challenges ahead.

Empathy: Remember the novelty of a colleague’s child making an appearance on a conference call or the dog barking? Well, that’s just life now, isn’t it? We are more accepting of it as we appreciate more that colleagues are also – like us – just human and have lots of stuff going on in their lives. ELBA wants to ensure we continue with kindness and empathy for one another, especially as we all face challenges ahead. 

Speaking out: We have all witnessed some epic moments over the period. George Floyd’s death floored us all – as it should! Our brother, our fellow human being! ELBA wants to make sure we never remain silent when there is something that needs to be said. We will continue to speak out and make things happen for the better.

Perhaps a key learning is the importance al fresco rather than al desko dining or just taking a mindful moment. Whatever your reflections, ELBA is keen to apply the learnings of the last few years rather than relearn those lessons.

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