London Works and Macquarie Student Associate Programme a repeated success

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Over at ELBA’s recruitment agency, London Works, the 2018 Macquarie Student Associate programme is drawing to a close. This programme sees second year university students undertaking placements at Macquarie, at the end of which, they will have gained invaluable experience and skills, and might be even be offered a full time role at Macquarie.

To mark the end of 2018 programme, the team is taking a look back at the progress made by candidates from previous cohorts. This programme is a continued success thanks to the dedication and hard work of the members of each cohort.

The 2016 cohort, consisting of four students, now graduates from the Compliance & Market Operations departments, have all been offered permanent roles at Macquarie following their completion of the Student Associate programme. This is yet another shining beacon of the success of this program and the candidates who participate.

Four candidates from HR, Asset Management, Market Operations and Commodities & Global Markets make up the 2017 cohort. 75% of these achieved a 1st in their university results for their 2nd year, whilst having to juggle the dual pressures of working and studying – all within a Monday-Friday working week!

There are 4 placements available for the 2018 cohort spread across the following departments, with candidates due to receive their offers in the coming weeks:

• HR & Brand Marketing
• Infrastructure & Real Assets
• Specialist Investment Solutions
• Market Operations

We have high hopes for the 2018 cohort; if they can continue to perform, inspire and impress others as their predecessors have done, then we will have secured another year of success through this program and the local candidates who drive us to the heights we’re able to reach!

Without them, the program would not exist, so it’s with great pride and pleasure that we dedicate our time and effort to ensuring they have the best possible career opportunities for their future!

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