How Employees Can Make a Climate Difference

Written by Ian Walker, Project Manager – Employment & Skills

When we all think about climate control and our approach to the daily catastrophes we see globally, do we really stop and think about how we might tackle the damage the human population has inflicted on our planet? According to the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), 2022 is expected to continue the run of the world’s hottest years with a temperature forecast of between 0.97°C and 1.21°C above the average for the pre-industrial period (1850-1900).

Companies around the world have a responsibility to not only educate their staff on certain office etiquettes, such as reducing photocopying output, recycling internal waste and the use of plastics, but there is now an expectation on highlighting and promoting business that offer ‘Green Jobs’.

The UK Government’s Levelling Up agenda aims to help create 250,000 high skilled green jobs by 2030 as part of a post-Covid recovery, and for businesses to play their part in helping to reach the target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

ELBA’s Employment team is in talks with various clients looking to take on candidates into a multitude of different environmental roles which raises the awareness of the need to highlight positions that tackle climate issues. It’s becoming more and more prevalent that younger candidates calling in to discuss their career options are asking about sustainability positions and environmental vacancies which showcases that the learning has started during education.

“We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to lead a green recovery and build a skilled green workforce in Local London, with hundreds of thousands of new jobs and new opportunities to re-skill our existing workforce over the next decade. Our boroughs are committed to ensuring that local residents and businesses benefit from the exciting growth opportunities in our sub-region, and the research from WPI Economics and IES will support our Green Local London partnership to unlock the potential of the green economy and growth sectors for the benefit of our residents and businesses across Local London and the wider London area”.

– Cllr Darren Rodwell, Chair of Local London and Leader of London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

Green Jobs improve energy and raw materials efficiency, limit greenhouse gas emissions, minimise waste and pollution, protect and restore ecosystems and support adaptation to the effects of climate change. Helping Londoners develop the skills they need for green jobs will be crucial in meeting the rapidly rising demand for workers in the sector.

  • Green finance (50,700), representing 22% of total green jobs in London
  • Homes and buildings (58,200), representing 25% of total green jobs in London
  • Power (82,900), representing 35% of total green jobs in London

ELBA Employment encourage companies to get in touch to offer their advice and guidance as well as introduce opportunities we can share with our beneficiaries so together we can collectively make a difference to improve the wellbeing of our beautiful planet.

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