ELBA and Heart of the City’s top tips for greener workplaces

Written by Anya Rudolphy, Community Development Project Manager

In celebration of World Environment Day, ELBA and BIG Alliance invited our business partners to a session with Heart of the City on top tips for a greener workplace.

During the webinar, we explored what net zero means for businesses and how individuals, teams and wider business communities can make a positive impact to reduce carbon emissions. Heart of the City has developed a comprehensive climate toolkit to support SMEs on their net zero journey within the London square mile. This practical toolkit supports SMEs to understand and reduce their businesses emissions.

We know that vulnerable communities are at higher risk of experiencing the impacts of extreme weather and other crises (like the Covid-19 pandemic). The intersection of the climate crisis and other vulnerabilities east London faces require us to work collaboratively in building resilience and adapting to climate impacts. East London community organisations have an important influence in creating and encouraging behaviour change in the transition to London becoming a net zero city.

ELBA and BIG Alliance are continuing to develop opportunities for businesses to engage with our community partners on their own net zero journey. As an example: we have current opportunities for business volunteers to work with a community organisation to transform their community space by assisting them to create a design plan for a space they would like to green and improve the biodiversity in. Throughout this year we will have more exciting opportunities to come in the net zero and environment space.

If you are interested in learning more about this please contact anya.rudolphy@elba-1.org.uk.

You can also sign up to future Heart of the City webinars here.

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