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ELBA partnered with Credit Suisse to deliver mock interviews for students at their Canary Wharf offices. Over 90 students from the University of East London, University of Greenwich, London Metropolitan University and Queen Mary participated in mock interviews with over 130 Credit Suisse employees kindly providing their time and expertise to provide advice to help students improve their interview technique.

For the first time, accounting and finance students from Newham College took part, for some this was their first interview experience.

I was pretty nervous but the staff made me feel at ease and gave me tips on how to improve my CV and I am leaving here feeling more positive about interviews.

Despite evolving recruitment methods, the face to face interview is a key part of the process that shows no signs of changing and for good reason. It is therefore important that students develop soft skills needed to perform well at interviews.

Building confidence in a safe space

Many students commented on the lack of feedback post interview and therefore questioning the reasons they may not have gone through to subsequent rounds of the interview process. The opportunity allows students to receive valuable feedback to refine their technique for future interviews.

Industry insight

Credit Suisse employees come from a range of career backgrounds and a wealth of experience with senior leadership positions in the company. They were able to provide key tips to students especially for those who would like to forge a career in the financial industry. This includes providing feedback and tailoring their CV in a way that speaks to potential employers.

It cannot be underestimated how invaluable these experiences can be for students, some of which have not had the experience of a corporate environment.

A teacher from Newham College who accompanied his students commented:

I can already see the impact that it has had on the students. One of my students who did not want to go to University, is now reconsidering and one of my other students who is usually quiet in class is opening up a lot more after the interview.

Some feedback from students:

It’s brilliant that Credit Suisse has given up time to help students ‘fine tune’ their job interview skills. Keep this programme going.

I really enjoyed the experience and it improved my confidence for future job interviews.

Very useful for my CV, firm knowledge and helping me to effectively answer competency based questions.

Thank You ELBA and Credit Suisse for this golden opportunity to understand myself better.

Thank you to Credit Suisse for helping us deliver a successful event.

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