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This week we supported Little Ilford school in Newham at their annual World of Work Day. The day was facilitated by 35 amazing volunteers from Accenture. Many of the volunteers had teaching experience through Accenture’s great relationship with Teach First so they were all armed and ready to work with over 200 Year 10 students!

The day aimed to prepare the students for the world of work and the students worked on a wide variety of skills from handling conflict, writing a CV and teamwork. On CV writing, one of the students, when asked what they understood a CV to be said ‘A CV basically gets you to the interview, then it’s up to you to make an impression when you get there!’.

After working on their skills through the interactive activities designed by Accenture, the students were set with a real business challenge that Accenture have worked on. Each group presented excellent solutions to the challenge. A year group with many consultants in the making!

There was great feedback from the day, from volunteers, school staff and students alike. Andri Ford, Head of Careers at Little Ilford School, said:

“The new Gatsby benchmarks and the careers agenda emphasise the need for students to have as many interactions with employers as possible. Days like WOW day give our students the opportunity to engage with professionals and develop a wealth of knowledge and skills. Schools rely on the corporate world to offer these opportunities. A massive thank you to Accenture!”

Whilst feedback from students highlighted that they understand and appreciate the importance of these days:

“These days are an experience that will help us in the future when we start to look for jobs. My favourite part was when we built our towers!”

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