Walking The Line with Liberty Specialty Markets, Ranelagh Primary School and Gasworks Dock Partnership

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The Line is London’s first dedicated modern and contemporary art walk. The project opened to the public in May 2015. The route runs between the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and The O2, following the waterways and the line of the Meridian.

The project was set up by art dealer Megan Piper and the late urban regeneration expert Clive Dutton OBE. Megan, explained:

“I wanted to incorporate arts into a part of East London borough – that identifies the transformation across the years from past to present, with abstract pieces of contemporary art structures.”

A group of volunteers from Liberty Specialty Markets, sponsor of The Line, undertook a team challenge with a difference. Team leader Peter Brooks said:

“We’re all very pleased to finally see The Line and discover a hidden treasure behind a corner of London’.  Some of the volunteers also emphasised how ‘team challenges provided them with opportunities in which they can proactively get involved in community projects, away from their professional day, which was very satisfying.”

The ‘challenge’ compromised of Liberty Specialty Markets, Gasworks Dock Partnership (charity supporting The Line), Ranelagh Primary School and The Line, both in Newham, coming together to learn about the initiative. It involved a tour with 30 year 6 students steered by, Simon Myers CEO of GDP, Megan, who now acts as an ambassador for The Line, and Liberty Specialty Markets volunteers.

When asked what they thought of the project, a student explained ‘(we) have been studying futuristic London in class, so this is a really great trip.’ Others expressed being ‘curious’ and ‘inquisitive’ about the three sculptures they stopped to have a deeper understanding on what they signified and meant, including the ‘DNA DL90’ by Abigail Fallis and ‘Sensation’ by the globally renowned Damien Hirst.

Feeling inspired with their findings the children, guided and mentored by the corporate volunteers, took part in a 3D sculpture modelling and casting lesson at the arts class. The art class was very much a collaborative experience between everyone, and a time for inspiration and creativity – elements that ‘The Line’ speaks for.

After the challenge day, the students’ art work was exhibited for a week at Cody Docks. This team challenge saw four organisations from the East London community work together on The Line, focusing on the importance of arts and regeneration – all round a brilliantly creative day!

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