UK marks very first Race Equality Week this week

This week is the very first Race Equality Week. A UK-wide initiative, Race Equality Week will unite hundreds of organisations and individuals in activity to address the barriers facing race equality in the workplace. There are some great resources available at the website –

Participants are encouraged to take part in one or more of three key initiatives, including a Virtual Badge Campaign:, a public commitment to change, The Big Promise, or a facilitated discussion between ethnic minority employees and the board, Safe Space.

There are also great some events organised for the week which can be found here

All ELBA partners have been working for many years to reduce inequality and improve fairness and equity for all east London communities. Since the killing of George Floyd in May last year, many have really ramped up their activity and have committed to be pro-actively anti-racist. Race Equality Week is a great way to get staff, partners, clients, service users all involved. This year is the first run of this campaign, and we are hoping it will become well established in the calendar.

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