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At ELBA and London Works, we consider being employed in a sustainable job to be something of great value. Beyond the obvious need to earn money for life’s necessities – stable employment can also aid wellbeing and positive mental health.

To us, ‘sustainable’ or ‘good’ work is defined as having a safe and secure job with good working hours and conditions, supportive management and opportunities for training and development.

However, the uncertainty in the job market caused by Covid-19 compounded by the stubborn inequalities and challenges experienced by many when job seeking – creates an extraordinarily challenging environment. Unemployment increases the risk of developing mental health problems and is associated with increased rates of depression and suicide. Employment is therefore vital for maintaining good mental health and promoting recovery from mental health problems.

We are calling on all stakeholders, members and volunteers to join the effort to help reduce local unemployment. Everyone can play a part. Here are a few examples of how you can help from home:

· Share information about future or current job opportunities via our community networks

· Help jobseekers understand the steps and techniques you typically use to recruit staff and what you look for

· Help to review CV’s for suitability for different sectors and industries

· Offer a mock interview

· Host a live or recorded insight workshop on your career trajectory or sector

· Mentor someone requiring a sounding board, motivation, guidance, or lacking confidence

There are many ways to help. Unemployment can take its toll on mental health and with the current generation of young people in particular facing the worst job prospects in many years – it’s in the interest of tomorrow to support where we can today.

Please get in touch with us to get involved with one of our projects. Contact for more information.

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