Rallying together: Food bank support

 Rallying together: Food bank support

Written by Naimah Miah, Community Development Senior Project Manager, Challenge:ELBA

We extend our gratitude to all our dedicated partners for their unwavering support and commitment to making a difference by supporting our local community partners based in East London. Over the festive season, the overwhelming generosity towards our food banks was truly heartwarming, providing essential resources to families in need during the season of giving.

As we reflect on the impact of your contributions during the Christmas period, it is crucial to acknowledge that the need persists beyond the holiday season. In fact, the demand for assistance has not only remained constant but has, if anything, increased month by month.

Team challenges have proven to be an effective and engaging way for our partners to join forces and make a lasting impact. We invite each and every one of you to rally together once more, bringing your creativity, passion, and dedication to the forefront. Whether it’s organising fundraising events, initiating food drives, or volunteering your time at the food bank, every effort counts.

If you would like to volunteer with ELBA or find out how you can help, please do get in touch at challenge@ellba-1.org.uk.

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