ELBA working to fight digital exclusion

ELBA working to decrease digital exclusion

Written by Anya Rudolphy, Community Development Project Manager

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the digital divide present in the UK, as our reliance on technology for communication, education, and work has increased. Digital inequality encompasses issues such as access to devices, broadband connections, and digital skills. While approximately 90% of UK adults own a smartphone, mere ownership does not guarantee effective usage or integration into daily life. In 2020, only 57% of UK households had a laptop, a concerning statistic given the shift towards online activities in recent years.

Broadband access is another critical aspect of digital inclusion. Rising living costs have made affording a Wi-Fi subscription challenging for many households. Furthermore, even with a device and internet access, the ability to use technology effectively remains a barrier. Within Tower Hamlets, the statistics sit higher than the average when it comes to digital exclusion.

Recognising the urgency of addressing digital exclusion, ELBA has taken proactive steps to support those affected. By facilitating the donation of laptops from our partners, ELBA is expanding digital access for individuals. 

We also work with a range of local organisations to support their digital initiatives. Volunteers can join as a team or as individuals to support digital inclusion sessions sharing basic knowledge and supporting the ability for individuals to get online. Connect also works in partnership with the NHS to run Digital Health Access sessions. 

If you are an individual or have a team interested in supporting a digital inclusion workshop get in touch via community@elba-1.org.uk

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