Mock interviews at 22 Bishopsgate

Mock interviews at 22 Bishopsgate

Written by Anthony Lee, Project Manager, Broadgate

We are thrilled to share the success of our recent employability session on the 27th of April at 22 Bishopsgate during which 12 volunteers from various departments came together to support 12 candidates in their search for employment.

The session featured ‘How to prepare for an Interview’, followed by mock interviews which proved instrumental in enhancing the candidates’ skills and boosting their confidence. Recognising the challenges faced by job seekers in today’s competitive market, the team organised an interactive employability session focused on honing crucial interview techniques. The mock interviews provided candidates with a unique opportunity to gain practical experience and refine their communication skills, ensuring they stand out among their peers.

The 12 passionate volunteers, hailing from diverse departments such as engineering, marketing, security, and more, brought their wealth of expertise to the table. Each candidate was paired with an employee volunteer who provided personalised 1:1 guidance, helping them identify their strengths, fine-tune their resumes, and polish their interview strategies.

The mock interviews were thoughtfully designed to replicate real-life scenarios, encompassing the challenges candidates may encounter during actual job interviews. Our dedicated volunteers posed insightful questions, offered constructive feedback, and shared invaluable insights from their own professional journeys. This enabled candidates to gain confidence, better understand employer expectations across different industries, and refine their interview skills.

The impact of these mock interviews was truly remarkable. Candidates reported a significant increase in self-assurance, refined communication skills, and a deeper sense of clarity regarding their professional goals. Two candidates have been offered employment on the back of attending the mock interview session, which is fantastic, and a testament to the quality of the session delivered at 22 Bishopsgate. The candidates expressed sincere gratitude for the opportunity to practice in a supportive environment and benefit from the constructive feedback provided by our dedicated volunteers.

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