ELBA’s Education team takes on the Environment

Written by Rosa High, Project Manager, Education Works

ELBA’s Education team know the importance of environmental education from a young age. Our fantastic business partners have been working with ELBA to run Career Insight Visits based around sustainability and the environment.

JLL opened their doors to Sarah Bonnell School. Welcoming the students into their office, the students received the grand tour before starting their project for the day. JLL put together a creative challenge for the students with the brief to design a sustainable office. This required the students to consider the use of smart technology, the use of recycled materials and the energy efficiency of the building. The students did not disappoint, coming up with designs that featured robotic concierges, slides to replace stairs and using plants to create energy. This was a fantastic session, and we are looking forward to the next JLL workshop.

Moodys welcomed Eden’s Girls School for an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) related workshopMoodys gave a detailed overview of ESG and students picked  a company provided by Moodys to focus on and presented on 2-3 ESG subcategories  to determine whether the company they selected met their projected ESG goals. This included presenting to a panel of judges made up of Moodys volunteers and  answering the panel’s questions.

Citi Private Bank hosted Newham College for a sustainability-themed workshop. Firstly, the students were introduced to the work that Citi Private Bank is doing in being a sustainable and environmentally conscious company. Then, with the help of a range of volunteers, the students were asked to debate a number of motions:

  • There should be a higher tax on fast fashion outlets
  • You should only be able to eat meat twice a week
  • Companies should be taxed on how much pollution they create
  • All travel for business should be banned

The debates were incredibly impressive and persuasive and it was great to see just how passionate the students are about such topical issues.

We are very grateful to our business partners for taking the time to create such important and enjoyable workshops. We are really looking forward to more to come!

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