ENABLE – Communication Coaching Programme

ENABLE – Communication Coaching Programme

Written by Smera Nadeem, ELBA’s Interim Head of Programmes, Challenge Team

HSBC has partnered up with ELBA to make a positive impact in the local communities of East London. From 2021, business volunteers from HSBC have generously offered their time to support the ‘’Communication Coaching Programme.’ This year, we are paying special attention to refugees, migrants and women who are survivors of domestic violence. Enable is dedicated to helping them overcome communication barriers and build brighter futures.

In today’s highly competitive world, possessing strong communication skills is essential for success which opens doors to employment opportunities.

The ‘Communication Coaching Programme’ enables participants to strengthen their communication skills. The programme has fostered an environment conducive to learning through tailored 1-1 coaching, practical exercises, CV reviews and personalised feedback.

The business volunteers’ dedication and commitment have helped benefit programme participants’ lives, creating a stronger, more vibrant East London community. So far, 35 participants have received coaching. It has been great to hear how the programme has positively impacted both coachees and coaches.

“I found the Communication Coaching sessions very useful in helping me improve the way I communicate and deliver what I want to get across in various professional and personal scenarios confidently, with better structure, whilst keeping it concise. This will be beneficial for me when I am in Youth board meetings, panel talks and professional networking events.”

– Coachee.

“I feel that I am helping the coachee with their development and achieve their personal and professional objectives. It has also given me the confidence to consider coaching as a potential area of interest in the future. It is also very rewarding to feel like you are making a difference in someone’s life.”

– Coach.

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