All go for the Eagles graduate development programme

It’s been a busy and exciting couple of months for the Eagles graduate development programme! With almost the whole of 2020 and the first part of 2021 seeing the programme stunted, delayed and limited by covid-19 restrictions, we were thrilled to be able to relaunch Eagles programmes in Spring 2021 with physical placements rather than work-from-home placements. It has also been wonderful to see the return of our celebratory lunches and social get togethers, which are such a key part of the Eagles experience: for our eagles, attending the pre-placement training as a group, getting to know each other before then starting placements at the same time, provides an invaluable network of support and friendship, and we know that this is not the same when the majority of the experience has been online.

Here is an update from the past 8 months:

We’ve had celebrations
Congratulations to the Spring CSR Eagles who finished their six-month programme in September. We had a very happy celebratory lunch with them all, pictured below. Jameela Chowdhury (second from left in the above below) was one of this cohort, who undertook her internship at Slaughter and May, in the Responsible Business department, as ‘Responsible Business and Inclusion Assistant.’ Jameela’s placement went so well that she is now in the full-time position of Responsible Business Executive. Read about Jameela’s experience here.

And congratulations to the ING Eagles who also finished their internships in September. We invited the new intake of ING Eagles to their celebratory meal where they had the chance to gain lots of top tips on how to do well on the programme.

And started some new programmes
The Summer CSR Eagles are now a month into their placements. It’s been great catching up with them for their review meetings, especially since they are all doing so well!

The 22 ING Eagles have finished their pre-placement training and recently started their placements. We wish them the very best of luck over the next 9 months.

We will be recruiting for the first of the 2022 Eagles programmes soon. More details will be on the website shortly!

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