Accenture support helps unlock funding for Royal Docks Learning & Activity Centre

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In the spring of 2016, ELBA ran its second round of the Community Capital programme with Accenture. Royal Docks Learning & Activity Centre (RDLAC), a community centre based in Newham, was chosen to receive support from Accenture’s Advanced Customer Strategy practice. This was a specialist team, who typically offer services to their clients to enhance their customer strategy – understanding customer experiences and behaviours, identifying preferred communication ‘channels’ (online, shop/branch, telephone, etc.) and applying the latest customer trends to drive new growth.

The Accenture team, led by Dawn McKerracher, brought their skills to RDLAC helping to address their need for a more sophisticated marketing plan and understanding of their users on an ongoing basis. The team pooled their three-day volunteering allowance to concentrate activity over a short period, much like one of their consultancy projects, enabling them to work closely with RDLAC. Accenture provided the organisation with a comprehensive review of the RDLAC user base and marketing strategy and used this to co-create a series of new ideas for future programmes.

More recently, RDLAC were successful in receiving a £75,000 grant from Trust for London through a bid supported by the outcomes and research the Accenture team delivered. This funding will allow them to run an employment project focussing specifically on Job progression within the workplace.

Joy-Caron, Director at RDLAC, said “the support we received from the Accenture team was excellent, fundamentally helping to shape and strengthen our bid to Trust for London. We are sure the project will continue to add value to our work”.

Dawn McKerracher, volunteer lead from Advanced Customer Strategy, said “we’re delighted to hear that RDLAC has been able to put the project to good use and that it has helped to obtain significant funding. We hope RDLAC continues to find benefit in the project which we thoroughly enjoyed delivering with them”.

ELBA is currently working on its third round of Community Capital with Accenture, expanding it to other teams within the Strategy division, and looks forward to hearing further success stories.

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