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Written by Andrea Rannard-Lambert

Life’s a funny old beast, isn’t it? You’re getting with the day-to-day, when a global pandemic hits and changes almost everything. Normality ceases to exist…temporarily. It’s at times like these when we often need to anchor down, in whatever way we can, to try to put things into some sort of perspective, and that can include remembering what we are grateful for in life.

As a pregnant woman during COVID 19, it’s been an interesting time. I have had lots of hospital appointments, so have witnessed first-hand the continued functioning of the NHS, under immense pressure. Staff providing a great and necessary service, baby and mother units functioning in a different but integral way, alongside wards within hospitals trying to save the lives and support those with the virus. I am definitely grateful for the NHS, my family, faith, my unborn baby’s life and being alive!

ELBA recently started a gratitude journal to capture the daily musings of employees. It’s very uplifting to read, with some entries including:

  1. One week closer to all this Covid period being behind us. And the birds in the garden – the Blue Tits have fledged
  2. Grateful for my son and all the blessings he’s brought to us as he celebrates his 15th bday today
  3. A lot of things especially my friends and family who have been keeping me sane during this lockdown! 
  4. Working with such kind, passionate, supportive and all round wonderful colleagues 
  5. Grateful to have an open, safe space to talk about important issues with colleagues. Grateful for FaceTime for allowing me to sing Happy Birthday to my 3yr old niece along with my family earlier today
  6. Grateful for change 
  7. Grateful to have found valuable work during this pandemic and to be part of an inclusive, safe workplace. 
  8. Grateful that this period has allowed me time to learn to bake a cake. My 3rd cake earlier this week, and was a hit! So i’m told! Don’t know if it’s reverse psychology to keep me in the kitchen or if it was a good cake, I have settled with the latter! 

We all face our individual challenges right now, as well as a global challenge. It’s a tough time and can feel particularly isolating and difficult. I definitely don’t want to make light of that. It can help to take a moment just to look up and out, and think about the good in life.

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