Your 2024 Intentions – Giving back and building skills

Your 2024 Intentions – Giving back and building skills

Written by Anya Rudolphy, Head of Programme Connect (Community Works)

For the past couple of years I haven’t written resolutions for myself, they never seem to last and they are always a bit empty. Instead I’ve written a list of intentions. Wide ranging and set out to be longer term, incorporating broader ideas about how I would like to be throughout the year, and what I would like to learn.. 

Many of us look to give back and support causes during the festive season. December, traditionally, being a time to give. During January we are focussed on ourselves and what we have to build and gain in a new year. 

Our skills-based volunteer offering brings together both actions each year by offering employee volunteers the opportunity to develop and use their skills to support community organisations in a range of ways. It is also a space for staff from the community sector to gain experience and advice from our volunteers. Our team uses the name Connect because our volunteer roles provide a chance to meet and engage with people outside of your day to day from a different sector and perspective. 

As the year kicks off our two core programmes are open for signing up for both employee volunteers and community partners. 

Leaders in Partnership, our 10 month peer to peer coaching programme, a great opportunity to develop coaching skills and get to know an individual from a community sector that sits in a leadership role. 

We also invite employee volunteers from our partner companies to our next BoardMatch event, through ELBA’s BoardBuilders programme, a chance to meet organisations actively recruiting new trustees to join their boards. 

If you are interested in registering for either programme as a community member or volunteer you can get in touch with

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