My Internship at ELBA

My Internship at ELBA, by Bradley Bundrant

Written by Bradley Bundrant

I am Bradley, and during my time studying in London, I have been blessed to have spent the last 7 weeks being an Intern with the Connect Team at ELBA, and while it has been a short time, it has been so transformative for me and my future career. Working with such passionate, kind, and talented individuals has enriched my experience, and inspired me in so many ways to pursue charitable work in the future when I return to the United States.

Working with the Connect Team in particular has shown me the strength of partnering the corporate and community sectors, and how with the right guidance and support, community organisations that already do such amazing work can do even more for the East London community. Sitting in on events of all different kinds including the Digital Inclusion sessions and Emerging Leaders continues to wow me, and seeing how passionate both the community and corporate partner are in learning from one another is an inspiring thing to watch, and has made me appreciate the kind of work that ELBA does even more than I had.

Although I am just passing through, meeting with and engaging with members of the east London community has taught me so much about the importance of the kind of work that ELBA does. I quickly learned why the team at ELBA is so passionate about the beneficiaries that we serve, because it did not take long for me to feel a desire and passion to work hard for these hardworking people, and the energy both inside and outside of the office shows that passion from every member of the team.

I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity that I had to work with such incredible people doing incredible work, and to know that I made even the slightest difference means the world to me.

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