The Parity Project – a beacon of hope

The Parity Project – a beacon of hope

Written by Abdulkarim Jeylaani, Parity Project Manager

ELBA, in partnership with State Street, launched The Parity project in 2017 with the aim of improving the employability of young Black men living in London. The project aims to achieve its goals by providing access to sustainable career opportunities via direct job brokerage, and support via mentoring and employability training. The unemployment rate for young Black men has historically been high, and remains persistently high at 30%. Covid-19 did not help the unemployment rate, leading to widespread job losses and economic challenges. These struggles have created a tabling effect on the Black community as less income is accessible to Black households.

As we commemorate Black History Month in the UK, we celebrate how far the Black community has come and celebrate the profound contributions and powerful resilience of the this community. But we know that there’s still a very long way to go and, while we applaud accomplishments spanning diverse domains, it is paramount to acknowledge the pivotal role of financial empowerment within this community.

Historic bonds within close-knit communities have been instrumental in overcoming financial hardships. The arrival of the Windrush generation in the late 1940s marked an important moment in the history of Black Britons. While they confronted economic challenges, their contributions laid the groundwork for future generations to thrive.

Black Britons have made substantial contributions to UK culture, particularly in music, fashion, and the arts. Steven Bartlett is an example of how Black culture in the UK places a strong emphasis on financial responsibility, education, and entrepreneurship. He is a British entrepreneur, social media influencer, and CEO of Social Chain, a social media marketing agency. His achievements in the business world highlight his commitment to financial responsibility and entrepreneurship.

Moreover, his rise to prominence in the business world is an inspiration to many, demonstrating how individuals from diverse backgrounds can achieve financial success through entrepreneurship. He serves as a role model, illustrating the potential for financial opportunities within the UK’s Black community.

The Parity project is a beacon of hope, working to empower young Black men with sustainable career opportunities. While challenges remain, this initiative and the accomplishments of individuals like Steven Bartlett inspire positive change and financial empowerment within the UK’s Black community.

Read more about the Parity project here.

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