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Skillsbuilder – the universal framework for essential skills – launched on 20th May. ELBA is part of the Trailblazer partnership which is pioneering the use of the new framework. We are starting to use the SkillsBuilder Universal Skills Framework across all our existing programmes. This new understanding will support ELBA to explain the value of our programmes to key stakeholders including current and prospective programme participants, funders and supporters.

We will use the framework to identify how programmes can be optimised to further develop essential skills. This means participants, such as those on programmes to help workers vulnerable to challenges presented by automation, will be supported to think differently about the skills they have and the skills they should develop in future.

ELBA’s CEO, Ian Parkes explained why we’re part of this partnership and backing the framework:

“ELBA’s role is to work with our business partners to promote social mobility, address inequality and reduce poverty – and in doing this we work with pupils and students in all stages of education, job seekers, employees, and residents to give them the essential skills they need so that they can get into good jobs and careers based on their competence, drive and abilities – not on their family background. The SkillsBuilder essential skills framework will take us to the next level in equipping people to succeed by giving them a language they can use to talk about their skills; a profile to show potential employers; to help them see the progress they are making, and to give them confidence.”

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