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On 12th February 2016 Linklaters, Societe Generale and UBS joined forces once again under the Hackney Works project banner to provide pitching and presentation skills support to community organisations.

The funding environment is increasingly competitive and community organisations from Hackney frequently have to pitch for funding. This three hour event sought to help organisations improve their pitching and presentation skills so that they are better equipped to succeed in this funding environment.

Hackney Works, a partnership between the three companies and East London Business Alliance (ELBA) provides volunteering support to the Dalston, Central Hackney and Homerton areas. The project has long helped community organisations refine their pitches to help them successfully attract funding. This workshop represented the latest opportunity for volunteers to offer advice and guidance.

Volunteers from all three companies offered valuable advice and support in both group-based and one-to-one activities, looking at what makes a good or bad presentation and helping community partners practice their pitch, with the opportunity to present to volunteers at the end of the workshop.

As a result of the workshop, 90% of those who provided feedback found the session effective in helping them develop their pitch, and 50% said they had clearer strategies and future plans. One participant from Mimbre, a circus and theatre organisation, said it was “really good to leave time at the end to deliver the pitch to the rest of the group”.

One Societe Generale volunteer claimed that the best aspect of volunteering at the workshop was “hearing about the great work and ideas of people in the community”.

For further information about volunteering support opportunities in Hackney please contact Ben Fowler, Hackney Works Project Manager: ben.fowler@elba-1.org.uk.

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