Mentoring Works Sixth Form Launch 2024

Mentoring Works Sixth Form Launch 2024

Written by Maria Tonchievici, Deputy Head of programme – Education & Mentoring Works

Looking forward to seeing the Mentoring Works programme fostering a positive mentorship environment for both mentors and mentees in sixth form from East London. The focus on introducing young people to the world of work, raising aspirations, identifying career goals, and enhancing employability aligns well with the overall goal of preparing students for their future careers.

The structured approach of exploring Skills Builder skills, Business Awareness, Confidence competencies, organization skills, performance, motivation, and employability pathways provides a comprehensive framework for mentorship sessions. This will help mentees develop a well-rounded skill set and a clearer understanding of their career paths.

Encouraging mentees to set personal objectives and express their specific interests ensures that the mentorship experience is tailored to their individual needs and goals. This approach fosters a sense of ownership and commitment from both mentors and mentees, which is crucial for a successful mentoring year.

The mention of ongoing support from the Mentoring Works team, as well as the opportunity for mentors to bring in additional materials, allows for flexibility and adaptability in addressing the unique needs of each mentoring relationship.

The launch event in February and subsequent in-person sessions (until July 2024) provide valuable face-to-face interactions, creating a more personal and impactful mentoring experience. Overall, Mentoring Works has a well-structured and thoughtful approach to mentoring, promoting not only professional and academic development but also personal growth for both mentors and mentees. The emphasis on self-sufficiency and commitment is likely to contribute to a meaningful and impactful mentoring experience for all participants.

Good luck to all our mentors and mentees!

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