Landing my Public Relations and Communications Apprenticeship role with T. Rowe Price

Landing my Public Relations and Communications Apprenticeship role with T. Rowe Price

Written by Jaida-Phoenix Thwaites-Brown, EMEA Distribution PR Apprentice at T. Rowe Price

Discovering ELBA
After college, I knew I wanted to expand my horizons and apply for an apprenticeship scheme. After many failed applications I was downhearted and felt I didn’t have the skills or experience for my application to be successful. Luckily, I found ELBA.

My application process
A community group in my local area, that discusses topics such as unemployment, suggested that I should look up ELBA. I discovered that ELBA supports people to get their ideal job, so immediately I contacted them. ELBA responded, requesting that I send them my CV, and asking what I was looking for in a role. I was emailed a few opportunities and the job that stood out to me the most was T. Rowe Price’s (TRP) Public Relations (PR) and Communications Apprenticeship role.

To apply for TRP’s opportunity, I had to create a cover letter. I felt slightly embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know a lot about cover letters, and I was not sure how to create one. When I shared this, ELBA were helpful and sent me a few articles that explained the importance of a cover letter and how to write one. They also offered a phone call to answer any questions I had before I made a first attempt. After sending a first draft, we discussed how to improve the cover letter and it was ready to send over to TRP only a few days later.

After a few weeks, a group interview and an additional two interviews with TRP’s PR team, I was accepted for the role of T. Rowe Price’s first PR apprentice.

ELBA and T. Rowe Price collaboration
Both organisations – ELBA and T. Rowe Price – understand and demonstrate the importance of giving back to communities. TRP does this by participating in activities such as visiting local schools to conduct CV workshops and reading partnerships. ELBA helps its corporate supporters to think differently about how they can give back. TRP works with ELBA to help build connections around their local community. An important part of this partnership is working together on the apprenticeship scheme whereby ELBA offers exposure to TRP and assists the company in employing apprentices, which in turns helps local, young people to succeed in their chosen careers.

To find out more watch the T. Rowe Price London Apprenticeship Scheme promotional video here.

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