Every Action Counts – COP26

It is one week to go to the start of COP26, the global climate summit. It seems a lot is riding on the boldness of the decisions that will be made. For many people in all walks of life, part of the problem is that the decisions and the action required appears very remote from them, and they can feel disenfranchised and powerless. This is a real issue because it is the individual actions of every individual, family, business and organisation that will add up to the changes that we need to see.

ELBA’s approach to COP26 is to use the attention the week will attract to remind everyone how we can connect hyper-local actions in east London to the big goals of our corporate and public body partners. Our business and community partners have been supporting the open spaces, environment and ecology of this part of the planet for over 30 years. We can and should step up that action and next week to coincide with COP26 we will have business volunteers working alongside the local community on tree and bulb planting, looking after parks and habitats, sequestering plastic by repurposing plastic film and bottles that cannot easily be recycled and engaging school students in debate with experts from the world of business.

There is a lot that can be done and next week will just be the launch pad for ELBA and our partners – look out for an ongoing range of activities in the months ahead.

Why not help get us underway by joining our business and community debate and panel discussion about how we can work together on 8th November at 3pm. You can register at everyactioncounts.eventbrite.co.uk and see more information here.

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