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In November 2020 the government launched the Green Jobs Taskforce to help deliver on the Ten Point Plan for a Green Revolution. Its intention is to help the UK to build back better by creating 250,000 high skilled green jobs by 2030 as part of a post Covid recovery. The ambition is a welcome one with the effects of climate change all too evident and the need for every citizen and business to play its part in helping to reach the target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

A green job is defined by the UN as “areas of the economy engaged in producing goods and services for environmental protection purposes, as well as those engaged in conserving and maintaining natural resources.” Traditionally, this would include jobs and sectors linked to renewable energy, electric transport, energy efficiency or nature conservation. “But right now, as more sectors transition to low-carbon models, every job has the potential to become “green” (Guardian).

As we begin to see a clearer picture of how the pandemic has impacted the labour market and the accelerated role of technology in our recovery, it presents the opportunity to reconfigure the jobs landscape while putting the environment centre stage.

At a regional and local level opportunities to join the green revolution vary, with London’s jobs mostly linked to finance, IT, legal, transport and built environment. However, according to the Local Government Association, of all the London boroughs, Tower Hamlets will provide the 2nd largest number of new low carbon and renewable energy sector jobs with projections of 5,000 by 2030 and nearly 12,000 by 2050.

At ELBA, we will be maximising opportunities for local communities to gain the crucial skills and experience to take up these green jobs of the future but here and now, we are already working with some wonderful organisations that have long strived to create a clean and sustainable environment, in which all may prosper. Below, are two examples of those working with ELBA to provide work experience opportunities for young people; exposing them to green jobs and their potential.

Cody Docks

The Gasworks Dock Partnership (GDP) was formed as a social enterprise in November 2009 and registered as a charity in April, 2011.

From 2015 – 2018, GDP opened Cody Dock’s gates to over 50,000 visitors and worked with over 6,000 volunteers on the clean up and restoration of the site and its riverside footpaths. With support from Thames Water, the Veolia Environmental Trust, Kew Gardens, the Royal Horticultural Society, Newham Council and the Big Lottery, Cody Dock has established itself as a flagship vehicle for community-led regeneration and as a centre for citizen science and environmental conservation education and field studies.

Working alongside ELBA’s EDGE project, GDP aim to hire numerous Kickstarters into restoration and environmental conservation roles providing opportunities for a practical hands-on learning experience while simultaneously contributing to projects delivering a positive difference to the local community.

Tyler Grange

Tyler Grange wants to help students discover the amazing careers available in the environmental sector. Our aim to inspire people to consider taking up a role working with us to help create a better planet for everyone. Our objectives as an organisation are to:

  • To stay at the forefront of environmental challenges.
  • To provide exceptional service to build a great place to work.
  • To make a positive impact on communities.

“Very informative about the purpose of the puzzle making and how they would benefit the recipients. An interactive session and the instructions were clear and simple.”

These were just a few of the volunteering activities that took place during the Global Communities Week with Challenge:ELBA, with other events taking place with other ELBA teams and around the globe! The Challenge:ELBA team has a long track record of supporting a range of causes so it was great to work with JLL and deliver a number of activities for volunteers to tackle social and environmental issues.

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