ELBA and the Bupa Foundation join forces to Empower-U

Written by Cordel Fraser, Project Manager, Empower-U and Equibalance

ELBA and the Bupa Foundation have joined forces to launch Empower-U, a project aimed at providing young black / minoritised students aged 14-16 with the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve their ambitions. The project is specifically designed for students who are on the verge of school exclusion or who have already been excluded.

Through a series of four workshops, mentorships, and work placements, students will be given the opportunity to explore career options within the corporate sector and develop key skills demanded by employers. The workshops will be run by industry professionals and ELBA, providing students with valuable insights into the world of work.

In addition, students will have access to mentorships, industry insights, and professional networking opportunities. The project also includes a paid work placement, which will allow students to experience the world of work first-hand.

The Empower-U project is driven by the lack of opportunities, discrimination, and a shortage of role models faced by black and minority ethnic groups in the corporate sector. This is especially evident in the lack of diversity in senior leadership roles, with just 1.5% of these positions held by black employees.

Empower-U aims to address this imbalance by introducing young black and minority students to career options within finance, legal, and insurance services, and improving their long-term earning potential through valuable work experience.

So join the movement to empower the next generation of black leaders and promote diversity in the corporate sector.

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