Credit Suisse Codes with The NCS

Written by Rachel Bell, Interim Head of Programmes- Education

Despite students being back in the classroom, the divide between ‘the haves’ and ‘the have nots’ regarding digital knowledge and devices is still apparent. To tackle this, ELBA has been running workshops focusing on the digital world, and, with the help of volunteers, upskilling students with information that is not generally explored as deeply in the curriculum.

One such workshop was created by the graduate Technology Analyst team at Credit Suisse and delivered to Year 12 students at Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (the NCS).

The workshop offered a full day insight for the students to learn more about coding and roles in the technology sector. The volunteers designed the agenda so that students were working on a laptop each, in small groups with the support of the volunteers. There was then an insight and circle discussion – an opportunity for students to ask the volunteers any questions about their job role, and their journey into that career, and the skills required.

The session was a real opportunity for the students who are interested in careers in the digital world and coding, to explore the content in detail and receive feedback from an experienced volunteer. One student at NCS said:

“In the workshop today, I was able to gain a real insight into what coding is and how it works. As someone who has never coded before, I found it very useful and I am now considering reading software engineering at university, or, if not this then a coding related degree. I thank all of the volunteers today for spending their day with us and providing me with lots of new knowledge.”

This was an interactive and extremely informative session, during which opportunities were created for students to gain knowledge in the technology field where they may not have had the opportunity before.  ELBA would not have been able to deliver such a session without the support of experienced volunteers and we thank  the team at Credit Suisse for volunteering!

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