Creating Opportunities in Southwark

Creating opportunities in Southwark

Written by Ian Walker, Senior Project Manager – Employment & Skills

Since July 2022, ELBA has been in partnership with British Land to form Canada Water Connect (CWC), a service which connects local people to the new jobs and training opportunities being created by the Canada Water development.

To date, over 55 Southwark based individuals have secured employment or apprenticeships through CWC within local development projects. These individuals have thrived in trade positions secured throughout British Land’s supply chain, and we will soon have opportunities in facilities, reception, hospitality, retail, and leisure as the development comes forward over the next decade. This success highlights the commitment British Land and its development supply chain has in providing meaningful employment opportunities for its residents.

Seeking to inspire the next generation of construction industry professionals, we are working hard to engage with local schools, young people and their parents to provide insight sessions that demystify the opportunities being created by the development. Young individuals witness first-hand the collaborative and innovative nature of the field, helping them recognise the breadth of opportunities within the industry itself. They become aware of the diverse roles and specialisations available, allowing them to align their interests and skills with a specific career path.

By participating in these activities and involving our community partners, young individuals gain a deeper understanding of the construction industry’s impact and potential. They see the tangible results of teamwork, problem-solving, and creative thinking whilst witnessing the construction process to inspire them to pursue careers in architecture, engineering, or other construction-related disciplines.

If you are based in Southwark and looking for job, skills or apprenticeship opportunities, or have any questions about how CWC can support you, please email

Why is EVI so great?
Convenience! Our new volunteering interface allows our Corporate Responsibility contacts and/or employee volunteers to easily search for and sign up for volunteering opportunities that align with their interests and skills. It also allows a centralised platform the manage and track employee volunteer hours. In addition, you can also follow particular categories of volunteering opportunities, so that you get notified when an area that interests you becomes available.

See all of the opportunities available in one place – whether yourself and your team are interested in a practical team volunteering day, supporting a charity by using your business skills, or even supporting a young person through mentoring – all of our opportunities can be found on here. In addition, you can even select opportunities that are aligned with a particular Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). Are you passionate about tackling climate change or reducing inequalities? You can search for opportunities that tackle these important issues.

Increased engagement – employee volunteers can now easily search for opportunities they are interested in which will increase their engagement. In addition, it will remove a lot of the back and forth of email communication as all of the information about the opportunity is found in one place.

We are entering a new digital age – As we know, the new digital age is here and raring to go. This new interface will simply make the process of volunteering for employees, more efficient, smoother and more engaging.

EVI is a valuable tool for businesses looking to engage in volunteering activities. It offers convenience, increased engagement and a positive volunteer experience for anyone looking to get involved!

Sign up to the EVI by clicking here.

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