BIG Alliance: ‘People Power’ continues to grow in Islington

– Above image: Volunteers lending a helping hand with repairs at Freightliners City Farm

BIG Alliance: ‘People Power’ continues to grow in Islington

Written by Luke Brown, Deputy Head of Programmes, BIG Alliance

BIG Alliance’s ‘Team Challenge’ programme celebrated a record start to the first quarter of 2023-24, with teams from 15 different businesses taking part in 77 Team Challenges. In total, 965 volunteers came out in force to support the Islington community. That’s almost a 90% increase in volunteer numbers compared to the same period last year. All in all, those volunteers clocked up over 4,200 hours of service to local communities in projects ranging from helping out at foodbanks, to improving adventure playgrounds and community spaces.

Luke Brown, Deputy Head of Programmes, attributes this increase to volunteers wanting to feel part of something together: “Following the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are seeing not just a ‘return to normal’ for team volunteering, but a big surge towards team-based activities. Speaking with volunteers, we often hear that people are missing a sense of human / social connection within their teams. With hybrid working, days in the office don’t always align and people arguably feel less connected. Team volunteer days are a fantastic way to bring teams together, strengthen bonds, and do some good in the process.”

The positive impact is also being felt by community organisations, with one partner saying:

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you – we had a really great and productive day and I am so pleased with all the work the volunteer team completed.

They have made such an improvement to the playground, my team couldn’t believe their eyes when they came in! A big thanks to BIG Alliance for helping us to organise these volunteer days which are such a big help to community organisations like ourselves.”

Looking ahead
Though August is traditionally a quieter month for team volunteering, BIG Alliance is already on track for a busy second quarter, with 38 Team Challenges booked in for September alone. And in terms of future activity, it’s still a few months away but the faint sounds of the festive season are beginning to call as the team start to scope out seasonal opportunities!

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