BIG Alliance Community Survey

BIG Alliance Community Survey

Written by Marija Mikne (Senior project Manager, BIG Alliance) & Malaika Safder

At BIG Alliance, we put a lot of effort into assessing and showcasing the impact of our work within the community. Our annual community survey report focuses on various aspects of our impact allowing for a more detailed analysis, including case studies to add depth and specificity to our findings. Positive feedback from community organisations further validates the impact of BIG Alliance’s work, providing concrete evidence of the difference we make.

The report not only serves as a morale booster for those involved but also as valuable resource demonstrating the tangible outcomes of our collaborations and the collective efforts with our Corporate Partners and volunteers. Some of the key highlights are listed below.

As a result of working with ELBA/BIG Alliance, my organisation has…

  • Introduced new services / products – 84%
  • Increased the use of our service / public space – 75%
  • Spent more time with clients/beneficiaries – 63%
  • Reached or engaged more clients/beneficiaries – 91%
  • Employed more staff / taken on more volunteers – 60%

As a result of working with ELBA/BIG Alliance my organisation has…

  • Improved existing services / products  – 90%
  • Increased its profile – 95%
  • Increased pride/satisfaction in our area (geographically) – 95%
  • Improved its operational processes or management systems (e.g. IT, HR, communication systems) – 79%
  • Improved governance and/or management – 82%
  • Improved its staff or volunteers’ knowledge and/or ability – 79%
  • Generated new ideas and was given space for creative strategic planning – 92%

Of all the organisations who responded, as a result of working with BIG Alliance…

  • 96% Would recommend BIG Alliance to a colleague or another community organisation
  • 95% Increased the organisation’s profile
  • 92% Generated new ideas and was given space for creative strategic planning
  • 91%  Reached or engaged more clients/beneficiaries
  • 90% Improved existing services / products

Feedback was wonderful and here are some quotes:

“We really appreciate the support we have received. The Team Challenges have made a massive difference to the site and workload of staff. The children are always impressed with the work done, and it helps them feel like they/their playground is valued.

“The service we received pointed us in the right direction and gave us an opportunity to rethink our operating model and priorities.”

“The BIG Alliance has been a great asset to our work and has provided us with support to further develop the organisation.

“We are so, so grateful for all the support we have received from ELBA/BIG over many years and look forward to continuing our partnership this year and beyond.

We’d like to say a BIG thank you to all our community partners, corporate partners and volunteers for your continued support. Working together means we can have a bigger impact on real community needs, making Islington a better place to live!

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