AXA XL project BOOSTs women’s employability

Written by Simran Dhadda

In October 2021 ELBA partnered with AXA XL to pilot a new programme created exclusively for women looking to enhance their employability skills. The BOOST programme aimed to ‘Boost’ beneficiaries’ confidence and help them to feel positive about their future. The training offered opportunities to utilise platforms such as Linkedin and network with like minded individuals. The programme was specifically designed to focus not only on fundamentals such as CV and job interview techniques but also wellbeing and personal branding. Following on from the COVID pandemic it has become increasingly important to take care of mental and physical well being and feel open about talking about these in a supportive environment. The sessions were interactive and encouraging, emphasising resilience and providing tools and techniques to be able to adapt and move forward from the adversity faced.

The cohort met once a week for half a day over the course of three weeks and truly grew in confidence each session, bringing great energy and emotional connection by the final session. AXA XL continued to support the beneficiaries once the programme concluded by offering work placements in any area of the business to gain invaluable insight and practical experience. The BOOST programme had such a positive impact that AXA XL are committed to continuing the programme in 2022 with a new cohort of women.

If you know anyone who would be interested in joining and benefiting from the programme, please get in touch with Simran Dhadda:

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