What themes are made of!

Written by Andrea Rannard-Lambert, Director of Account Management and Communication 

Since our birth in 1989, ELBA has existed to be a force for good in east London. Our Hot Opps enable you to participate in our activities. 

Connecting corporates and communities to address inequality and support the disadvantaged, ELBA stands firm in our commitments and we have a lot to offer in 2022. As we start to include more information about ELBA’s themes in our fortnightly Hot Opps from April onwards, let’s take the opportunity to look ahead at what key campaigns are out there for the year ahead:

April ELBA will be covering stories about Digital Inequality and offering activities to tackle the digital divide.

May is Mental Health Awareness Week and we are working with members, community and education partners alike to deliver a range of activities that support and celebrate the importance of mental health.

June hosts World Environment Day, the global environmental awareness campaign. 2022 marks the 50th anniversary since the Stockholm Conference, which led to the designation of 5 June as World Environment Day. ELBA has a range of activities planned, including practical team challenges, virtual events and everything in between. 

October is Black History Month and ELBA – as always – will be delivering activities that celebrate the diversity of east London, talk about the challenges that still exist and working with partners to address inequality. 

November sees the start of Disability History Month (16 November – 16 December) and ELBA is keen to do more work in this area and share our stories.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss our work in these areas, info@elba-1.org.uk

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