George Floyd

George Floyd

Written by Cordel Fraser, Project Manager, Empower-U, Equibalance, ELBA

As we reflect on the past few years, it is impossible to ignore the profound impact of the events that unfolded on 25 May 2020. On this day, George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, lost his life at the hands of a police officer, igniting a global movement for justice and racial equality. Today, as we mark the three -year anniversary of George Floyd’s death, we pause to remember his life, honour his legacy, and reaffirm our commitment to creating a more just and inclusive society.

The tragic and unjust death of George Floyd served as a catalyst for a wave of protests and demonstrations worldwide, demanding an end to systemic racism and police brutality. It sparked conversations, not only within communities, but also across political and cultural spheres, exposing the deep-rooted issues that continue to plague our society. The resounding call for change could not be silenced, as voices united to demand justice and accountability.

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, we witnessed a collective awakening to the persistent racial disparities that permeate our institutions and daily lives. His story was not an isolated incident, but rather a reflection of systemic injustices endured by marginalized communities for far too long. The movement that followed, symbolized by the resounding chant “Black Lives Matter,” brought people from all walks of life together, united in their quest for a more equitable future.

Over the past year, we have witnessed important steps towards change. Protests and advocacy efforts have sparked meaningful discussions and prompted policy reforms at various levels of government. The trial and subsequent conviction of the police officer responsible for George Floyd’s death provided a measure of accountability and hope for justice.

As well as campaigning and protesting, we all need to take what practical action we can to help create a fairer society for young people. ELBA helped form SHIFT25 which campaigns for fairer chances for young Black people, challenges perceptions of what roles Black people can play, and opens up new opportunities such as the summer astrophysics research projects for school students with Astrophysics UCL. With the help of our corporate partners we have delivered the Parity and Equibalance projects, helping young Black men and women get access to opportunities that match their talent and qualifications. Right now we need work experience, placements and internships for these young people – and anyone who wants to shape a fairer future can help by making places available.

There is so much to do – and the pace of change is not fast enough. We all need to take this moment to refresh and go again.

Today, we honour George Floyd’s memory by recommitting ourselves to the pursuit of justice. We remember his name, but we also remember the countless others who have lost their lives to racial violence and discrimination. We stand in solidarity with those who continue to fight for equality and systemic change.

In remembrance of George Floyd and in pursuit of justice.

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