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Streets of Growth is a frontline prevention and intervention charity working in east London to re-engage stuck young adults and equip them to transform their lives and their neighbourhoods. The organisation was recently given the opportunity to take on the first floor of underused building in Bethnal Green, and turn it into a Creative Arts and Multi-Media/Music Hub for young communities and families across Tower Hamlets. Encouraging them to learn new creative skills whilst broadening their horizons, the focus will be on confidence building, developing self-esteem, enhancing social skills and building a sense of achievement. The Creative Arts Hub will form part of the cultural activity provision for Everyone’s Business – the initiative to tackle serious youth violence and knife crime.

Streets of Growth have been successfully crowdfunding for the Hub, and will soon reach their funding target, and plan to launch the Hub in August/September 2020.

Now, though, they need your support in crowd-funding for their key partner, who will be delivering creative activities with Streets of Growth at the Hub; namely, the British Bangladesh Fashion Council (BBFC). The BBFC is a not-for-profit social enterprise which is led by innovative local members of the Tower Hamlets community, and it aims to promote and support local people to pursue a career in the fashion industry. One of the key people involved in BBFC and a key person in the Create Arts Hub is Rahemur Rahman, an inspiring young man from Tower Hamlets who is an innovative Fashion Designer. Streets of Growth and its young people have already collaborated with Rahemur, as part of International Fashion Week. These are the kind of experiences they will be creating at the Hub.

“BBFC are now at 63% of their crowdfunding target and have received a £20,000 pledge from the Mayor of London as well as pledges from many local people. They are now only £15,950 short of their target.” – Diane Peters – CEO Streets of Growth.

If you or your organisation is interested in supporting this great cause, you can look on their crowd-funding page for more information:

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