Lister Community School World of Work Week

Written by Robin Hawthorn, Project Manager – Education and Mentoring Works

As the summer holidays get in full swing, ELBA’s Education team use this time to plan for the next academic year as we know from September, we have a busy time of delivery ahead.

Due to obvious reasons, there have been less in-person events up until earlier this year, so it has been rewarding to see the students back visiting our corporate partners. Lister Community School has been no exception to this during their World of Work Week with eight workshops over the course of just two days.

One of our newest business supporters, HeadBox, an event technology company, hosted a Career Insight Visit with Lister. Students were tasked with creating a music festival from scratch with the help of other volunteers before presenting to a judging panel. The students really enjoyed choosing their favourite music artists to perform at their festival and playing on the pool table during the lunch break.

“I liked how it wasn’t just talking and listening, but we got to contribute as well.”

United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals have been a central theme in activities. Ince, Fitch, Standard Chartered and KPMG were all incredibly impressed by the well-considered and presented ideas of students, giving us hope for the future with these students in the workforce.

“I felt that it was very informative, and it helped me understand that there are many different sectors in a single firm.”

JLL welcomed Lister students to their brand-new Canary Wharf office that embodies sustainability, technology and wellbeing, as well as inclusivity that not only aligns to JLL’s business needs but fosters community engagement. JLL’s Climate & Nature Director Amanda Skeldon and volunteers set students a challenge of designing a sustainable office that would have a positive impact on people, planet and the business.

Citi Private Bank hosted two workshops over the course of the two days. During one of the sessions students were given a fictitious £50 million to create more business and employment opportunities in east London, to greater the local community, taking into consideration their thoughts on the current issues surrounding the area. For the other session, groups had to pitch why investors should invest £100 million into their company demonstrating why it would be a successful investment.

Lister Community Schools World of Work Week was a resounding success with students, teachers and volunteers thoroughly enjoying it. ELBA looks forward to the academic year ahead.

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