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The students seemed apprehensive, but excited as they made their way to the meeting floor of the Credit Suisse building in Canary Wharf, however, it was Mock Interview Week (MIW) and they knew that this was an excellent opportunity for them to test out their interview skills in a risk-free situation.

As they entered the waiting room they were greeted by the stunning view of Canary Wharf from both sides of the room. Apprehension was swiftly replaced by sheer awe as they piped up in harmony saying “nice view!”

The ELBA Higher Education team nodded in agreement, “It sure is!”

Over the course of the week a total 111 university and college students attended and were interviewed by 157 Credit Suisse volunteers through a series of 1:1 and panel interviews.

Here are some amazing reasons why our students chose to take part:

1. It’s like the ‘real deal’
Students were given a mock job description and arrived at Credit Suisse dressed in business attire. After signing in at reception they were shown to the meeting floor where their interviews would take place. This made the experience very ‘life like’ for each student.

2. Students can get immediate feedback
Many students are not sure about how to answer challenging interview questions. MIW provides them with a great chance to test their interview skills and the immediate feedback obtained can then be used to improve their interview techniques. This helps boosts the students’ confidence levels as they gain knowledge on how to improve themselves for their next interview.

3. Credit Suisse volunteers are experienced in interviewing real candidates
Many of the Credit Suisse volunteers are either experienced hirers or individuals who have a lot of experience in conducting interviews. They usually provide students with tailored feedback based on areas such as how to improve their CV and how to tackle possible interview questions.

There was overwhelmingly positive feedback – Our feedback forms showed that the majority of students found the experience extremely valuable.

The students had this to say about the experience:

As someone who is a younger university student, I haven’t had a great deal of work experience and opportunities to practice interviews. Today gave me an insight into the key interview skills that are available to everyone, regardless of their experience. Also it was a great boost to my confidence.”

The experience was great and gave me an insight into what a corporate interview, particularly at a bank would entail. My interviewer gave me tailored feedback / advice that I intend to use for months to come when applying for jobs.”

The volunteers also love the experience and enjoy helping the students, with equally positive feedback:

The candidate I saw was well prepared and you could tell they were trying to make the most of the opportunity. We over-ran which I always see as a good sign with face to face interactions.”

“I enjoyed the experience and trust this should get the students better prepared for their future applications for internships and permanent positions with us or other employers. I came across a strong candidate who could be a great asset to the team who hires him ultimately.”

Thank you Credit Suisse for an amazing Mock Interview Week!

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