Community Survey 2019 results

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ELBA has just completed its annual Community Survey sent out to all the community partners we worked with in 2019 through Team Challenges and skills-based volunteering. We wanted to hear feedback on corporate volunteer impact for their organisation and beneficiaries as well as the overall quality of ELBA’s service and delivery. The results were outstanding with 93% stating they could see great improvement in their services and products.

Despite the challenging times we are facing with the current health climate, the Community Works team strives to keep the same high standards we have delivered in the past. Taking remote working in stride, within days, the Community Works team has launched a variety of remote volunteering opportunities, catering the needs of our community partners who now need help more than ever. Through our virtual food drive, we have already donated £1600 worth of food thanks to support from our corporate volunteers by the end of April, volunteers will kick off the elderly befriending project which will tackle loneliness and isolation and volunteers have been recruited to support with upskilling our community partners through a “How To” handbook.

The Community Survey results have confirmed that Community Works have been moving in the right direction and has offered the team great tools and insights to identify the needs within the community and ways on how to most effectively respond to current needs during this uncertain time. Please read the outstanding results of the survey here.

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