International Women’s Day – One Newham

Joy-Caron Canter is Network Coordinator of One Newham, a network of voluntary, community and faith groups working to help make Newham a place where people, organisations and services collaborate to build fairer and stronger communities.

What do you do?
One Newham is a network of voluntary, community and faith groups that are rooted in local communities and work to improve the lives of people in Newham. One Newham was created so that members can learn from each other, benefit from each other’s strengths and expertise and innovate through collaboration to find the best solutions to the issues that concern local people and communities.

We are strategic, solution focused, practical and accessible.

Why do you do it?
We believe that everyone gains when we work together: organisations grow stronger, services become more responsive and people find their power. Our vision is of Newham as a place where people, organisations and services all collaborate to build fairer and stronger communities.

What are the challenges your beneficiaries face, and how does your organisation help users overcome them?
Many local charities, particularly the smaller ones, struggle with governance and securing funding. Along with partners such as ELBA we help provide support, networking and training.

Do you have an inspirational story/moment about your work that you would like to share? Or any top tips for other young people and young leaders?
One Newham runs a micro grant programme, funded by Westfield Stratford City. I have been on the panel for 3 years and this year ran the programme. It was amazing to see this from a different perspective and the impact that these grants have on small charities that would not usually be eligible for funding.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?
International Women’s Day for me is about celebrating the achievements of women and shining the spotlight on inspirational and powerful women. It is about working together to make change.

I love this year’s theme of inspiring inclusion, which aims to shape a more inclusive world for women.

What kind of support are you in need of right now and how might volunteering fit into that?
We are looking for a Treasurer to support and join our Board of Trustees. Ideally this would be someone with financial expertise and they would live or work in Newham. The Trustees meet six times a year, with the Treasurer also heading up a finance committee. It would be great if ELBA could help find a volunteer for this role.

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