February 2019 Volunteer of the Month

This month we are delighted to recognise Meidi Ongkodiputra of Standard Chartered as Volunteer of the Month. Meidi is a committed volunteer on ELBA’s CashWise programme, a financial skills project that increases access to financial education among low income employees.

Meidi has volunteered on a regular basis over the last three months, contributing her time and expertise by delivering training. Initially working with others, she most recently delivered a training session independently, and handled all aspects of the process with enthusiasm and skill. The CashWise programme has been a great success thanks to the assistance of volunteers, especially those like Meidi who repeatedly give their time to train others on financial education.

We asked Meidi to share her experience with us.

1) Why did you volunteer?
CashWise is a great cause. As I work in banking I feel extremely fortunate to be “financially savvy”, however I understand that managing personal finance can seem daunting and financial institutions appear intimidating. I wanted to bust this myth and help others realise that ‘financial savviness’ is actually quite simple and everyone, if given the right tools and training, can easily master it.

I’m extremely passionate about impactful education and bridging the socio-economic gap. If the participants get even one small thing or tip from the workshops it makes it all worthwhile.

2) What did you gain from your volunteering experience?
I really enjoyed interacting with the workshop participants. I was grateful that the participants were extremely collaborative and felt comfortable to share their stories with me and have open discussions during the class.

Presenting for CashWise to a friendly group also built my confidence in presentation and delivery skills connecting to a ‘non- finance’ audience I don’t usually face on a day to day basis. I can take this back to my role in presenting and pitching to my clients and stakeholders.

3) Would you recommend volunteering to a colleague and if so, why?
Most definitely! Find a cause you believe in and delve yourself into it, you not only feel good about yourself (I was always beaming walking back to the office from each CashWise session) but you are making a positive social difference!

Thank you Meidi for your hard work!

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