ELBA’s continued employability support through Coronavirus crisis

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In addition to the clear public health crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic is undeniably shaping up to be one of the most significant tests of resilience our labour market has seen.    

However, as I sit at my (home-working) desk, continuously considering our strategy and plans, I am repeatedly struck by one emotion in particular; pride.  I am proud of our staff, proud of our partnerships and incredibly proud of our region!

Few regions can boast the fantastic partnership infrastructure that exists here in east London. There are so many amazing individuals doing amazing work for amazing organisations.  We have been incredibly encouraged by the work of our stakeholders and partners working to cushion the COVID-19 impact on our communities. From the jobcentres to local authorities, small charities and community centres, it’s encouraging to witness the connectivity between our efforts.  

In these times of great need, ELBA’s skills and employment mission is clear, to Support, Connect and Up-Skill those facing difficulties in finding and/or sustaining work.  

  • For those already experiencing or facing displacement due to job cuts and declines in labour demand, this means ensuring people can access the roles that do exist locally.  From supporting the recruitment for the Nightingale Hospital to helping corporate employers switch to digital interviewing, connecting people to opportunities will continue to be central to our efforts.
  • For those facing heightened uncertainty and precarity in their employment sectors, we are scaling up access to our upskilling programmes such as Enable and Future Fit so that people are best positioned to navigate the challenges ahead.   
  • For new, aspirational labour market entrants, such as recent graduates or those still at University, we are increasing our access to virtual insight/awareness raising sessions, interview skills support and mentors.    

Alongside our fantastic local partners and funders, we stand firmly committed to doing our part in keeping the economy ready to return to ‘business as usual’ as seamlessly as possible once the crisis subsides.

Most importantly, our people are on their phones, connecting with those in need to ensure they get the help and advice required despite the challenges and uncertainty.  We are also re-routing some of our efforts to reinforce support for those we helped to place into work over the last two years. For example, on Broadgate Connect we are focusing on those placed in the hospitality and facilities services sector jobs ensuring people can access local opportunities, information, services and benefits through this challenging time.    

If you have an initiative or project that you think our communities could benefit from please do get in touch and we will spread the word the best we can!

– Written by Julie Hutchinson, Managing Director of ELBA and London Works

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