Volunteer Profile February 2022

This February, we’ve caught up with Laolu Karunwi, FIX Protocol Analyst, and Community Pillar Co-Head of Be Me Race Equity Network, at Societe Generale. Laolu talks about the win-win nature of volunteering and how rewarding it is to support the community that he came from.

Your name and job title: Laolu Karunwi, FIX Protocol Analyst, and Community Pillar Co-Head of Be Me Race Equity Network

Company: Societe Generale

Why do you volunteer?
As simple as it sounds, I believe that volunteering is a force for much good. For some years now, it’s been my aim to take as many opportunities as possible to contribute to positive change beyond my day job. That’s part of the reason I joined Societe Generale’s Be Me Race Equity Network. This made it possible to work directly with ELBA on number of initiatives and promote them to our colleagues. Having grown up in east London, I know first-hand how volunteering can make an impact on the lives of others, so for me working with ELBA has also been a great way to give back to the community I came from.

What have you gained from your volunteering experience?
One opportunity had me sharing my career journey with several beneficiaries and, as nerve-racking as this was at the time, I came away with both satisfaction from helping others and confidence in my communication abilities. The fact that I made a difference and was part of another person’s journey was deeply meaningful to me. I appreciate how ELBA can create opportunities (like speed networking and CV workshops) that meet a real need for beneficiaries, while providing rewarding experience for volunteers. It’s a win-win!

Would you recommend volunteering to a colleague and if so, why?
Of course! It’s my firm belief that we are all here to serve others using our unique makeup of skills, talents and experience. Being able to serve our company can be a very fulfilling endeavour but, in many cases, we may not see the direct impact of our contribution. And, if we do, it may take some time to manifest. With volunteering at ELBA, there is the opportunity to directly impact others with real-time feedback, which is incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling.

Thank you to Laolu, for all your support volunteering and for appearing here!

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