June 2019 Volunteer of the Month

ELBA’s June Volunteer of the Month is Emma Gilbert of AON. Emma volunteered to support The Hoxton Trust to consolidate their volunteering policies, with the aim of simplifying their renewal process and reducing cost.

The Hoxton Trust had spent a number of months trying to find a volunteer that could help them and so were delighted when Emma, a broker who specialises in property insurance, came forward to offer her time, skills and expertise. Following some initial scoping calls, Emma met with The Hoxton Trust’s Executive Director, Paul Fleming, who furnished her with hefty stack of paperwork. Emma approached the challenge with enthusiasm, absorbing the information she needed to take away. Following the meeting Emma created a proposal based on the needs of Hoxton Trust and even offered to enter the market herself to negotiate a price. The Hoxton Trust are now in a much better position to manage their insurance policies.

Paul Fleming said:

“Emma was brilliant. We have a number of overlapping insurance policies and we needed someone to both understand what it was we had, but more importantly what it was we needed and how to get there. She visited us, listened, asked great questions, was very friendly and approachable and it was clear a solution for us also mattered to her. She gave me clear timelines, met them impeccably and within no time had produced straightforward and practical solutions that have eluded us for years! I can’t thank her enough. She is thoroughly deserving of the award. Thank you Emma!”

We caught up with Emma to find out about her volunteering experience.

Hi Emma, why did you decide to volunteer?
Checking the volunteering opportunities on the ELBA website, I came across the Insurance advisory position; which is exactly what I do on a daily basis. I was very surprised to find out it had taken some time to find a volunteer, given the amount of insurance businesses in London – which made it even more rewarding being able to use my skills (which I had considered very specific and non-transferrable). I was also looking for something outside of my daily routine and to help my local community.

What did you gain from your volunteering experience?
I quickly realised that my skillset could be used to be useful to people in different industries and that despite the fact I do something very specific and financial services related, I could still use it to help people and for positive change.

Would you recommend volunteering to a colleague and if so then why?
Absolutely! I have already spread the word in my teams that volunteering can be a personally rewarding experience; it can also help you think outside the box for your current role.


Emma’s volunteering is a great example of how professional business skills can be used to meet community need. If you think your skills could benefit an east London based charity then please contact Jonathan Tait via jonathan.tait@elba-1.org.uk.

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