ELBA’s Business Education for Schools & Colleges team works to connect local students to volunteers from across the City and Canary Wharf to develop their business awareness and raise their aspirations


he Business Education team builds connections between school and college students and business volunteers. These connections develop students’ business awareness and aspirations, as well as the essential skills required by employers. We have a reputation for delivery of meaningful, high quality employer encounters for students, which are in line with the Gatsby Benchmarks 5 & 6.

The interventions include workshops at companies:

  • Career Insight Visits at companies
  • Leadership Skills Workshops
  • Mock Interview Workshops
  • Personal Finance Workshops
  • Employability Skills Workshops

And bringing volunteers from the world of work into schools:

  • Inspirational Speakers
  • Careers Junctions
  • Enterprise Days

Even during the COVID pandemic, business volunteers were able to carry on supporting students in schools, colleges and universities. Our programmes will continue to consist of a blend of online and face-to-face activities.

Please see below for more information.

If your school or company is interested in our Business Education for Schools programme, please email Kerry Peters Taylor on:

Career Insight Visits


Career Insight Visit gives students an insight into the corporate world. Students are given the opportunity to visit a company in the City or Canary Wharf and learn more about the different career roles in a corporate environment.

In 2018/, 78% of students agreed that the Career Insight Visit improved their business awareness, and 93% agreed the session better equipped them to work in different ways, be flexible, and find creative solutions to problems. 86% felt the session improved their confidence. (580 students survey)

Leadership Skills Workshop


his workshop supports students to develop a better understanding of leadership styles, as volunteers and students work through interactive activities which increase their leadership skills.

In 2018/2019, 95% of students agreed that they felt more confident contributing their own opinions to the overall discussions and 88% agreed the session encouraged them to consider other careers, opportunities and pathways. 100% also agreed they enjoyed the workshop. (81 students surveyed)

Mock Interviews Workshop


ock interview workshops seek to allow students to apply their spoken communication skills in order to practice answering interview questions with volunteers. Students will also take part in a mock assessment centre activity that simulates that normally found in the recruitment processes of many companies

In 2018/2019 100% students agreed they felt better equipped to prepare for interviews, 100% felt more aware of their strengths and weaknesses and 75% felt more confident in self management. (216 surveyed)

Personal Finance Workshop


his newly revamped workshop seeks to provide students with an overview of the personal finance and equip students with the skills needed to be successful in their future careers.
Students will learn about how to create their own budget, reflect on their own perceptions of money and how to save money. They will also learn about financial products and terms through this interactive workshop, supported by volunteers.

Employability Skills Workshop


hese skills workshops are designed to develop the employability competencies of the students, seeking to raise their awareness of employability competencies, and how to showcase them to employers.

92% of students agreed the session improved their understanding of how business works, 89% agreed they felt more confident contributing ideas and opinions in group discussions and 100% of students agreed they enjoyed working with others. (81 students surveyed)

Inspirational Speakers in Schools


peakers from the world of work share their career journey, insights into the world of work and lessons learnt during a school assembly or lunch hour

Careers Junction


Careers Junction is a half day event hosted at the school. Volunteers from a range of industries are placed in a classroom each and share their career story with the students, as well as a short industry themed activity. Students are taken on a carousel around the classrooms so they visit each classroom.

In 2017/2018, 97% of students agreed that the Career Insight Visit improved their business awareness, and 90% agreed they had developed their self-awareness, 96% felt better informed of the careers and pathways open to them (179 students surveyed).

Enterprise Days


his school hosted workshop typically takes place with volunteers working with a year group of students, supporting them to work through a series of fun and fast paced challenges around building a business and pitching for investment.

In 2018/2019, 91% of students felt the session had improved their understanding of how a business works. 100% volunteers enjoyed taking part in the session and 95% felt the session had helped them develop additional skills or expertise. (650 students and 45 volunteers surveyed).

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