Community Survey 2020 results – Reflecting on the changing needs in the community

Written by Amadiora Emechete, Challenge Project Manager

East London Business Alliance (ELBA) and Businesses for Islington Giving Alliance (BIG Alliance) have released their annual Community Survey results, in which community partners have been asked to provide direct feedback on the work they have done with ELBA and BIG in 2020 and the support they received from our business partners. The results have been published a week after the anniversary of the first national lockdown, when in a matter of weeks life changed to being indoors with minimum physical contact with others. For ELBA and BIG, who strive to build bridges between the east London and Islington communities and the corporate world, finding ways to keep these two worlds connected became the utmost aim. We moved many of our volunteering activities online and adapted our strategy to the new needs in the community. The business community really stepped up and swung into the new way of working with enthusiasm and commitment. We asked our community partners how they have perceived the help they received and we are pleased to share that 96% of our community partners were happy with the support and would recommend ELBA and BIG Alliance to a friend or colleague. Please find the full Community Survey 2020 report here.

Community Survey 2020 highlights:

COVID-19 response

  • 74% of our community partners have been able to increase their ability to manage the impact of COVID-19
  • We donated £22,230 worth of food
  • Donated 188 laptops to young people
  • Hosted 204 befriending calls with 21 elderly people
  • Sent 1200 letters to 90 elderly people in isolation with memory disorder

 Impact on the community

  • 93% of our community partners were able to provide new services/products
  • 89% of our community partners were able to improve their governance and/or management
  • 81% of our community partners were able to raise their profile
  • 79% of our community partners were able to maintain the required number and quality of staff or volunteers needed
  • 78% of our community partners were able to engage more clients/beneficiaries

 Impact on beneficiaries

  • 100% of beneficiaries experienced a direct positive impact on their quality of life
  • 100% of beneficiaries developed new skills or an increase in their personal effectiveness
  • 100% of beneficiaries gained social interaction they otherwise wouldn’t

We have a very strong partnership with ELBA. We have always found them accessible, flexible in their approach and totally responsive to our need as a local children’s charity. They have provided support to us in so many ways, through providing volunteering groups at our adventure playgrounds, via advice by volunteer professionals, such as law and HR advice (particularly around Covid-19, furlough) and through the donation of equipment for the sites and for the ever popular, and this year in particular, vital Toy Appeal. Thank you ELBA, you made 2020 more bearable for our children, their families and our own staff and volunteers, thank you.”

– Kay O’Brien, Pearson Adventure Playground

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